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We are gathering non-binding Indications of Interest and feedback before we formally launch a crowdfunding program.

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Current Interests
$1,000 - $2,500
Test the Waters
Issue Type:
Simple Agreement for Future Equity
Accredited Only:
Reviewed Financials:
Price per Share:
Minimum Investment:
Minimum Goal:
Target Goal:
Post Money Valuation Cap = $12,500,000
Planned Launch Date:
August 15th, 2023

Footura is the world’s first truly AI-Powered customized, personalized Move to Progress health and fitness mobile app.

Top Reasons to Invest in AI-Powered FOOTURA:

  1. What sets FOOTURA apart is its defensible technology, granting the platform a competitive edge in the market. The platform utilizes AI Powered dietary, health, and fitness expert-developed customized, personalized coaching for users based on their own data -- NOT a 2-3 year old data set!

  2. FOOTURA is a groundbreaking platform incentivizes users with dollars and cents for moving or exercise, with an engaging gamified experience, and ownership and control of their own data.

  3. FOOTURA's business model has two segments: Low priced monthly fees $0.99/month subsciption for the AI-powered coaching and access to the gamified move and warn app PLUS an the app gamified model like other move and earn apps, but with predticable higher rewards as users move up levels and reach health and fitness milestones.

    1. Personal training competitors like Sweat charges closer to $20/month. FOOTURA's model allows us to offer pricing as low as $0.99/Month for the basic AI-powered coaching.

    2. Meanwhile our pricing in the move and earn gamified feature is 40% to 100% lower than competitors. Our top MTE competitor StepN generated over $150 million in gross revenue in 2022. Another comprable competor Sweatcoin, with over 100 million users generates and estimated $10 to $25mm a year.  FOOTURA's model has a combination of features that support BOTH an engaging and compelling experience AND stability and sustainability. This distinguishes FOOTURA from competitors and makes it a potential acquisition target in 3 to 4 years, with highly attractive valuations projected to be 10-12X revenue.


  • AI Powered dietary, health, and fitness-customized and personalized coaching and support delivered by AI Twins (your heroes, influencers, icons, celebrities)
  • A fun, user-first health and fitness app that incentivizes people with Dollars and cents (or other local currency) that increase as users progress to higher levels along with ownership and control of their own data (and transparency into the monetization of such data)

Current fitness apps lack the types pf personalized and other AI-enabled training that would maximize effectiveness and engagement. Selected complaints from fitness app users in a multitude of in person interviews/surveys include: 

*My earnings disappeared

* I just leave it on in the background. I've never really explored the rewards

*It's too expensive

*Who can  afford $20/month for fitness videos?

*I use that money instead for my personal trainer who knows me


FOOTURA unlocks AI Powered Personalized Coaching

FOOTURA has constantly expert-updated and overseen high quality data that is customized by AI engineers and then integrated into existing user data

FOOTUR's AI Powered Coaching is delivered by AI Twins

Move or Exercise and Earn . FOOTURA makes existing apps and devices more useful by offering users a way to exercise and earn with the integration of data from other devices and apps 

FOOTURA is agile. Feedback from users is quickly integrated into the mobile app as we build. Our CTO has built and helped launch over 100 mobille apps, all with technologies like AI and Blockchain. He leads and oversees FOOTURA's product development.

[[[[[START HERE]]]]]]]   Key Problem with Competitors in app stability feature

  • Note: Closest comparable company: $150mm in GR in 2022, crash due to unstable in-game token and uber expensive barrier to user access; Other top competitor has ambiguously valued and unstable rewards that does not get many users actively engaged

  • FOOTURA SOLUTIONS FOR DISSATISFIED, ANGRY FORMER USERS: Usage of USD-backed tokens, which allows for superior, stable model based on price setting, minimizing in-game economic risk and guaranteed higher rewards for higher user engagement and in app progress PLUS Ownership and control of data to be transparently monetized to the benefit of users. The rental option (no money down for access) will open up the appeal to a much broader audience.

FOOTURA's  top competitor, StepN, saw a drop off with active users from hundreds of thousands to under 20,000 and Sweatcoin has millions of users but most are not engaged and do not find using the app or the rewards offered to be compelling. Instead it is used by most as a slightly prettier tracker.

FOOTURA marries the best market-proven features and offerings while addresses user problems directly with several world firsts including guaranteed higher rewards as users progress in the app, personalized coaching via easy to use chat messaging, and ownership, control and transparent monetization of users data whereby a portion of revenues go into a pool from which users may take from as they move and earn.

FOOTURA's pricing model sets prices for user in app purchases at about 40 80% lower in than our competitors. FOOTURA has professional game economy advisors who will test, audit and constantly monitor and update our in-game model, test extreme scenarios, and build in anti-cheating systems. 

FOOTURA is well positioned to gain traction and substantial market share with a superior product and user-first approach.

FOOTURA’S primary and secondary markets include over 100 million people, including current or former move to earn users, and people who are excited by new blockchain offerings.

Our team that knows how important marking and community building is pre-launch, and has the experience, networks and advisors to bring in users and grow the community. FOOTURA has a social media team in place with a track record of growing a following. Our social media and community growing campaign will be ready to start in late August.  

The President and CEO, COO, and CRO (Tabber, Jon and Jeff, respectively) all have collectively large networks in NYC, within which there are many health and fitness focused influencers. The large NYC market will be a critical market to address leading up to, during and after the mobile app launch.  The friends, family and networks of the Executive Management Team will drive initial user acquisition in NYC. Word of mouth combined with social media marketing and paid media will all be key to our strategy in NYC, an important market with a largely walkable urban environment of walkers and a large population of former or existing users of move to earn.

Chairman Jesse Crawford is an established and respected thought leader in the blockchain space and is based in LA, the largest market for fitness apps in the U.S..  

Co-Founders Jesse and Tabber are health and fitness fanatics and are a part of influential fitness communities in NY and LA. Word of mouth among friends, family, colleagues and former colleagues will also drive initial acquisition in LA, and like in NYC will be done in collaboration with social media marketing and paid media. 

Our marketing strategy will test, adapt, refine and incorporate parts of proven 7-point strategy to acquire 1,000 users in the technology and mobile app company industry. 1. Frends and colleagues (personal networks). 2. Outreach to targeted strangers. 3. Going where FOOTURA's target audience hangs out (online and in real life). 4. Enlisting influencers (paid/organic). 5. Get press. 6. Create viral content. 7. Physical placements (flyers, signs). These strategies will be used, tested, refined and dropped as FOOTURA tests and approaches the market leading up to the launch of each version of the app and during the critical early user acquisition campaigns. Similar strategies have been very successful with dozens of other technology companies, including among others FOOTURA's top competitors StepN and Sweatcoin.

The size of our raise will determine the expansiveness of our marketing campaign. Once FOOTURA has raised $500,000 or more, an outside marketing firm will be hired to assist and support, refine and improve our marketing strategy FOOTURA will reach the users we need and be heard above the noise!

Similar offerings in the market to FOOTURA have sold for billions. FOOTURA has a window of opportunity to seize the market by late 2024!

FOOTURA was founded by VIP move and earn and fitness app users and it shows with a user-centric approach that focuses on expanding the user base from day one by giving users a solution to their current problems, while anticipating others.

Initial Revenue Streams

  • Initial revenue is generated by subscriptions or pay to use our generative AI Health and Fitness coaching (MVP App)
  • The cost of the health and fitness coaching will be $25 a month for unlimited use and $15 for usage based (MVP and Beta V1 App, which may be refilled)
  • In-app game purchases like digital shoes, moving up levels, competitions to win rewards (Beta V1 App and beyond)

Future Revenue Streams

  • As the user base grows, advertising, B2B partnerships (like those from fitness apps and devices that may be integrated and used to earn more money)
  • Monetization of larger and larger data sets will generate revenue growth

Financial Projection Highlights (Year 1 to Year 3 available upon request)

  • Year 1 post Beta: Projected gross revenues of approximate $1.75mm

  • Profitability possible by year three with 100,000 or higher users

  • GR driven by steady explosive user base growth


  • Community  - FOOTURA started social media work in early July and has about 800 followers across all platforms as of July 27, 2023
  • Growing Waitlist (Users) - Within the first couple weeks of an interim webpage being made live, FOOTURA had about 50 people on the App waitlist and will drive more to the full website (to be fully launched in late August)
  • Technology - FOOTURA has already completed the look and feel oif the MVP App with mockup screens (See deck for some images)
    • Full website launch in August; MVP launch in October
  • Pre-Seed funds will be used in part to complete the MVP, boost social media and online markering, and initiate community building and trademark work 


FOOTURA’s experienced team includes thought leaders, and immense willpower to power through pivots, adjust to the market and constantly incorporate lessons interactively learned into a refined strategy and business model. 

Connect with us on LinkedIn:

Jesse Crawford, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Tabber B. Benedict, Co-Founder, President & CEO; Director

Jon Parks, Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Hoffman, Chief Revenue Officer

Jesse Anglen, Chief Technology Officer

Lauren Chung, PhD, Independent Director

FOOTURA seeks $300,000 to $650,000 to launch the MVP, and drive a large following and, upon launch, thousands of users and initial revenue.

The MVP stage will focus mostly on collecting info and feedback from the market. The goal is to achieve 1,000+ MVP users within 3 months from the MVP launch.

MVP Stage (Simplified Rev Model)

  • Optional subscription or usage-based health and fitness generative AI paid for by each user. Profits = Users X subscription/usage profits

  • Goal: Achieve 3,000-5,000 users in first two quarters post-launch

Beta Version

Generative AI, customized and personalized health and fitness coaching

  1. Optional subscription or usage-based health and fitness generative AI coaching – Customization by dietary, health, and fitness experts and personalized based on user data

  2. 10,000 users by end of first six months post beta launch


Gamification and additional expanding user based revenue streams

  1. 15+ in-app revenue streams, via gamification model to make the app fun, engaging and filled with competitive challenges, leaderboards, etc, and including but not limited to[1]:

  2. Sales of digital collectables (shoes, diamonds, avatar apparel, branded shoes/apparel, etc.)

  3. Level up fees

  4. Fees for unlocking competitions and other features

  5.  As the user base expands, the addition of:

    1. B2B partnerships and sales (brands, sports apparel, insurance and health care companies, etc.)

    2. Monetization of data (opt in and transparently done with money going into a pool for user earnings)

    3. Paid through ads and in-app ads

    4. Users given ownership/control of data with opt-in via decentralized repository of user data

[1]  Key assumption. Pricing 40-80% lower than the cost of digital goods of closest competitorStepN.

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Thank you for your consideration.

Please contact us with any questions, feedback or to request additional information.

FOOTURA Investor Relations [email protected]

Disclosure: this page represents Testing The Waters materials.

  1. No funds or other consideration is being solicited, and if money is sent, it will not be accepted by the company; 
  2. No sales will be performed or commitments to purchase accepted until the offering statement is qualified; and
  3. A proposed purchaser’s indication of interest is non-binding.